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You are opening up a new business and you are wondering whether you need an online presence. A lot of companies go through this process. The type of business you are running is fairly localized. You are appealing to the local community and those who are visiting the area. You do not feel that having a huge online presence is going to make much of a difference. But we believe that you are underestimating the impact of having an online presence, even for a local small business. Let us talk about this now.

The first thing to understand is that setting up a website is not too hard or expensive. Even if you hire a company to design and build the site, then you go ahead with the cheap domain register process, and you choose a web host, you are not spending a lot. It is relatively affordable, especially when you consider that you will get a huge benefit through your site. Think of it as part of your marketing budget. People are always online and they often search for businesses when they are using their phones or computers. You need to have some presence.

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Let us say that someone in your area needs the service or product that you are selling. They look online for local companies in their area. Maybe they see your company’s name and address. But they do not see any site. They have no idea about the specifics of what you offer, when you are open or any other details. The chances are they will choose your competitor that does have a good online presence. So even if you are opening up a business in a small town, you have to ensure that you have an online presence. People rely on the internet to learn about businesses.