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Smart people are trending a lot these days. But wise people have a tendency to remain behind the scenes if you will. Smart people are a lot younger these days; even toddlers are able to operate smart mobile devices. Some people shake their heads in sorrow at this. They are not wise. Even so, wise people are not entirely enamored to the idea that so many people today have perceptively become enslaved to devices made possible through some of the most advanced technologies ever known to humankind.

For them, there may be a harking back to the day when there was more reliance on book reading, as in actually picking up a heavy tome and reading through it, and devoted note-taking, as in the heavy handed approach taken by the demanding executive towards his dutiful but soul bound secretary who skillfully notes every single utterance he has made and transfers it into a legible form that is better understood by all those, smart and wise, who need to read it.

Olympus dictation equipment

Wise people may well remember the halcyon days when the first range of Olympus dictation equipment was released to the business and secretarial world. That would have to be around the nineteen fifties, give or take. Because they are old enough to remember, they will have also encountered and experienced the number of times dictation and transcription and recording devices have evolved over the years.

And today, they are wise enough to acknowledge that today’s smaller, portable and lightweight devices are far better suited for the carrying out of business and many professions, from teaching to journalism to architectural to legal work. But smart young folks are also wise enough to at least refer to online documents to better equip themselves for the future.