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Types of Pneumatic Valves

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A pneumatic valve helps control several components of the pneumatic system. It is one of several components that work together to ensure the right pressure, rate, and air movement is noted in these systems. These systems are found in a plethora of industries. As such, many different types of pneumatic valves Austin are necessary to keep them efficiently operating. Some of the most common of those valves include:

·    Spring Offset: This is a valve that describes the direction of airflow. It can be used with a two way, three-way, or a four-way valve. The offset is a simple tool in the valve.

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·    Two-Way Directional Valve: This valve allows air to pass in two directions. There are two ports that the air travels. The values can remain closed or open.

·    Three-Way Directional Valve: The three-way valve has three ports. Each port has its own specific purpose. One port connects air flow. Another connects the valve and actuator and another is used as an exit for the exhaust.

·    Four-Way Directional Value: A four-way directional valve is another of the pneumatic valve types. This valve has four ports. Two ports connect to actuators and one connects to airflow. The fourth is used as a pathway for the exhaust. This type of valve is most commonly used of all the types.

These are the most types of pneumatic valves that you can choose from for your facility. Each valve type ensures the proper functioning of your parts, tools, and machinery. It is important that you have a good understanding of each valve type and the purpose that it serves. You should always search for quality parts as well. You get what you pay for and those low-quality valves may leave you in a lot of hot water.